Fitness Pilates

DAY: Monday |  TIME: 10:00 – 11:00  |  LOCATION: Highcliffe*  |  COST: £10.00


Mixed ability mat Pilates using our body weight
Strength sequences for for core, upper body and glutes
Mobility exercises for hips, shoulders and back
Flow, stretch and breath sequences
Classic Pilates exercises interlaced with modern practices


The Old School Hall
Lymington Road
BH23 5HW

(Advanced booking only) 

What to bring
An exercise mat and water.
Free parking at the back of the hall.
Before your first visit
Please complete this form prior to first class PARQ »


Improve your fitness through the power of Pilates. Fusing controlled core exercises, both upper and lower body work along with mobility and flexibility you will improve movement and strength. You will leave feeling energised in both body and mind.


Please bring an exercise mat with you to this class as these are not provided for hygiene reasons. Please note, this class will include work from standing to the floor. Before taking part you must fill in a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR Q) form. A link follows. The answers must be checked and cleared prior to you taking part in classes.

Health & Safety

Please note, these workouts and any training provided by Jo Stephens is intended for fit & healthy participants with no pre existing medical conditions or injuries. It is not recommended for people with pre existing conditions or injuries. Care must be taken with workouts to listen to your body & stop immediately if you feel any pain, discomfort or ill health. Participation is at your own risk. Your instructor, Jo Stephens or any substitute teacher she appoints take no responsibility for any injuries sustained from undertaking these exercises.